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Off-Road Capability

Built On Purpose

Proper 4X4 capability. It's what the Grenadier exists for. And explains our approach to building it. Best-in-class engine. Ladder-frame chassis. Permanent four-wheel-drive. Three locking differentials. Solid beam axles. We’ve learnt from the best of the past. Partnered with the suppliers that got the brief. And created a true utilitarian 4X4 designed for the 21st Century. Durable, capable, reliable, and built to go the distance.

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On-Road Performance

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The Grenadier is as fun to drive on the road as it is off. We’ve paired an award-winning engine with a renowned transmission. And tuned and calibrated them specifically for great driveability on any road – from city to highway to twisty mountain pass.

Built To Work

Pulling Its Weight

Whatever you need to move, the Grenadier lets you load it, tow it, drag it, recover it, or strap it to the roof. 7,716 lbs towing capacity. Up to 71 cu.ft of loadspace. 12,125 lbs winching power for recovering yourself or others.

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Built To Last

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Engineering Integrity

High quality materials. Top components from renowned automotive experts. A rigorous, global testing program. Exceptional corrosion protection. All backed up with a class-leading warranty. The Grenadier is built to last. Engineered to keep you going year after year after year.

Comfort and Convenience

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The Grenadiers palette sits well on all backdrops. With a choice of six solid and four metallic paints you can remain low-key or stand out from the crowd.

Build your Grenadier

Scottish White (Solid)

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Dive Into The Detail

Engine, wheels and tyres, colours, interior trims, options, accessories – every product detail is here to browse in your own time. Time to soak up everything the Grenadier has to offer before you commit to the spec you need to get the job done.

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Optional features, accessories and their availability may differ by vehicle (bodystyle and powertrain) and country or require the installation of other features in order to be fitted. Note that some standard features may be replaced when specifying a vehicle or selecting trim levels. Please contact your local Retail Partner for more details or configure your vehicle online. Warranty periods offered by INEOS on certain features may be limited and differ in duration. Please refer to the INEOS Automotive Manufacturers Warranty Terms and Conditions for details of variations and exceptions.


|| Feature list not exhaustive and standard offering may vary by market.