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Frequently Asked Questions


Where is the Grenadier being manufactured?


What safety standards does the Grenadier meet?
Can the cargo barrier be removed or left out on the two-seater Utility Wagon?
How big is the Grenadier?


Will a manual gearbox be available?
How is the on-road ride?


Will a heated steering wheel be available?
Will there be an option for armrests?
I'm 6 ft 6" tall. Will I fit?


Will a rear winch be an option?
Will roof racks be available as an accessory?
What are the wheel specifications?

Models & Powertrain

When can we expect to see new model variants? Will there be an electric version?
When will the pickup variant be launching?
When will the hydrogen-powered Grenadier be available?

Pricing and Ordering

How much will it cost to service the Grenadier and will service packs be available?


Are reservations open and how do I place mine?
Can I test drive a Grenadier before I place my reservation?

Get to grips with your Grenadier

Explore how to use the features, controls and modes that make it so capable. They’re easy. When you know how.


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