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INEOS Grenadier vs the elements at the F.A.T. Ice Race

27 January 2024

27 January, 2024, in Zell am See, Austria. A racetrack carved into the winter landscape sets the scene for a unique race day – The F.A.T. Ice Race. A historic event celebrating automotive culture and, as the name suggests, racing on ice.


For almost 50 years, no ice race had taken place, but it made an exciting comeback in 2019 and, this year, attracted 2,500 car enthusiasts. A mix of professionals and amateurs came together to master the ice. A showcase of skill and speed. And a testament to spirit and determination – qualities embodied by our INEOS Grenadier.


So, this year, we took our capable 4X4 along. Not to race on the icy track, but to give drivers the opportunity to take things even more off-road.


Set against a stunning backdrop of snowy Austrian Alps, the ice race featured a variety of vehicles in the competition line-up. From classic and modern cars to motorbikes, sidecars, and skijoring (skiers pulled by animals or a vehicle).


Amidst the high-octane atmosphere, our INEOS Grenadier Station Wagon was on display, branded in a Red Bull Ring design. We also brought along our rugged new pick-up, the Quartermaster.


Both vehicles were there to be explored, inside and out, while our team answered any questions. Close by, our pop-up Grenadier pub gave guests a warm space to gather, chat, and learn more about the vehicle’s capabilities, before getting behind the wheel for an off-road test drive.


Many drivers were keen to see how our no-nonsense 4X4 performed in challenging winter conditions. We had a dedicated track waiting for them. Deep snow, thick mud, icy waters – prime Grenadier territory.


Each test drive offered a glimpse into the vehicle's capabilities and an experience that resonated with the race's very essence – to tackle the elements head-on.


And while our off-roaders were getting stuck in, on-road test drives also gained a lot of interest, giving drivers the chance to see how the Grenadier handles more everyday conditions.


What started as a mere idea between two friends, is now a unique one-day race event for motorsport fans to come together. If you’d like to join us at Grenadier events, keep an eye on our events page, or subscribe for the latest updates to your inbox.


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