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The first Grenadier meet in Germany: a winter event to remember

02 December 2023

December 2nd, 2023, in Maselheim, Germany. Around 140 Grenadier owners and enthusiasts braved a snowstorm for a day of authentic off-roading at a gravel quarry near Biberach.


It was Germany’s first ever Grenadier meet-up. Our guests were drawn not just by the thrill of off-roading, but to be part of a community united by their passion for our rugged 4X4.




The day began with a warm welcome from Klaus Hartmann, Head of Commercial Europe, against the backdrop of a snow-covered quarry. The Grenadiers, lined up and ready, set the stage for the day’s events.


Attendees mingled, sharing stories of their experiences, and top tips. Oliver Schlipf, Director of Engineering, shared insights into the Grenadier's development. While Klaus Wolf, a journalist, recounted the Grenadier's journey in the SuperKarpata Trophy, one of the toughest 4X4 challenges in the world.


Then, the day’s highlight – getting behind the wheel. Our eager drivers tackled a winter wonderland in freezing cold temperatures, muddy trails and icy waters 80cm deep, fully testing their Grenadiers under expert guidance. Here, the Grenadier’s robust engineering came fully into play. The ladder frame chassis, permanent four-wheel drive, locking differentials and all-terrain tyres provided control and traction over challenging terrain. Off-road and Hill-descent modes handled the inclines and declines. And wading mode allowed the vehicles to confidently navigate deep waters to the maximum depth.


On returning from their quarry adventure, even more was waiting to be explored – our rugged new Grenadier Quartermaster. The pick-up designed to do everything our drivers had just done, while carrying extra cargo.

The opportunity to connect with other owners and the INEOS team, and to test the Grenadier’s capabilities in challenging conditions, was highly valued. The message was clear: they’re eager for more.



With our first gathering in Germany wrapped up, we’re looking forward to future meets – promising more adventures, connections, and experiences with the Grenadier.

If you’d like to join us one day, keep an eye on our events page, or subscribe for the latest updates to your inbox.

"We are delighted that you brought the community together."

Oliver F.

"It was great to meet the team behind the Grenadier!"

Alexander R.

"I'm already looking forward to the next one."

Otmar S.


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