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We believe efforts to create a circular economy – and help keep plastics out of the ocean – needs a unified approach to succeed.

Everyone has a role to play in helping to tackle this issue. Industry, Government, NGO’s and consumers.

INEOS is working closely with other businesses from across the world who want to transform today’s take, make, dispose economy into one where plastics are designed to be used over and over again.

Last year INEOS launched its own global pledge to move towards a more circular economy for plastic packaging. We think it is possible – through innovation and partnership – to retain the value of our polymers by rethinking the way we produce and recover them at the end of their life.

As part of its own commitment to a new circular economy, INEOS has set itself four ambitious targets to meet by 2025.

This is our pledge:

  1. 325,000 - INEOS wants to incorporate at least 325,000 tonnes of recycled material into its products
  2. 30% - Use, on average, 30% recycled content in products destined for polystyrene packaging in Europe
  3. 50% - Offer a range of polyolefin products for packaging applications in Europe containing 50% or more recycled content
  4. 100% - Ensure 100% of polymer products can be recycled

We live in a throwaway society. Food, clothes, electronics, and iPhones are all traded in regularly for newer, trendier, smarter goods. But the stark reality of living like that is coming back to haunt us all. When we throw something away, it simply becomes someone else’s problem. It has to go somewhere.

Locked inside every shred of plastic are valuable raw materials – essentially hydrocarbons – and INEOS wants to find new ways to reuse them as a raw material, ultimately to replace oil and gas. And it is working with partners on new technologies capable of turning most plastic waste– no matter how contaminated - back into its original raw material so it could be fed back into INEOS’ plants to make new, high quality products.