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Frequently Asked Questions


Where is the Grenadier being manufactured?


What safety standards does the Grenadier meet?
Can the cargo barrier be removed or left out on the two-seater Utility Wagon?
What is the towing capacity of the Grenadier?


Will the diesel engine require AdBlue?
Will a manual gearbox be available?
Is the engine naturally-aspirated or turbo-charged?


Can I have heated front seats?
Will a heated steering wheel be available?
Will there be an option for armrests?


What are the alloy wheel options?
Will a rear winch be an option?
Will roof racks be available as an accessory?


Can I help test the Grenadier over challenging terrain in my area?

Models & Powertrain

When will the pickup variant be available?
When will the hydrogen-powered Grenadier be available?
Why are you not offering an electric model?

Pricing and Ordering

How much will it cost to service the Grenadier and will service packs be available?
Can I order a left-hand drive vehicle for a right-hand drive country, or vice versa?


I’ve been following the Grenadier story since the beginning and was one of the first to place a reservation on 30th September last year. Can you confirm it’s still ‘first-come, first-served' now that you’re ready to take orders?
How long will it take to build my Grenadier?
Can I place an order without a reservation?

Do you have any more questions?

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