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Grenadier drives conservation with Project Deveron

15 December 2023

Responding to a startling 70% decline in wild Atlantic salmon over the last 30 years, and the species now being classed as endangered in most of Great Britain, the Atlantic Salmon Trust and the Deveron, Bogie & Isla Rivers Charitable Trust have launched Project Deveron. This groundbreaking effort seeks to reverse the decline in Scotland’s famous River Deveron.


Cold, Clean Water

INEOS Grenadier was proud to support Atlantic Salmon Trust with the creation of a short film.

As they journey through the Deveron catchment in the Grenadier, they meet with the minds leading the project and delve into the extensive restoration measures being taken. Jim, an ambassador for the Atlantic Salmon Trust, also founded Activist Anglers – a group which empowers and educates anglers on how to protect their local waterways.


From habitat restoration to cutting-edge monitoring

A diverse range of strategies are in play for the project. From reestablishing native riverside woodland to the removal of barriers to migration, which are stopping salmon reaching their historic spawning grounds. In the film, the project also covers advanced technologies being used, including fish microchipping, sonar imaging, and DNA analysis. Approaches crucial to restoring salmon populations and ensuring the health of our rivers and seas.


A ripple effect

Project Deveron is also part of a larger network of restoration efforts, including the Six Rivers Project in Iceland. Started by Sir Jim Ratcliffe himself, it shares the same goal of safeguarding wild Atlantic salmon against the impacts of climate change. The aim is that valuable knowledge transfer between these projects and others like them will help all those around the North Atlantic to take steps to restore wild Atlantic salmon before it’s too late. A testament to what can be achieved when we unite for a common cause.

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