The Grenadier by INEOS Automotive to be built in the UK



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Our blueprint for a brand new rugged 4X4.

The Grenadier is in development, and we’re not yet ready to take the covers off. But we can give you some pointers on what to expect. A ladder chassis. Permanent four-wheel drive. Beam axles. Class-leading towing and payload capacity, with power and torque to match. Wrapped in a stripped back, boxy 4x4 body.
The Grenadier; a resilient and robust 4x4


The Grenadier will be a resilient and robust 4X4. Built using only the best component parts, by world-renowned engineers.

The Grenadier; a resilient and robust 4x4


A working tool. More angles than curves. Function dictates form, every time.

The Grenadier; a resilient and robust 4x4


To take on all terrains. A vehicle that can withstand the daily punishment you put it through.

What makes an uncompromising 4x4?

We’re building the Grenadier to a clear blueprint. These are our building blocks:

Tough. Resilient. Powerful.

Built to overcome

Permanent four-wheel drive. Low-end torque when you need it most. Grunt. Grip. An all-terrain chassis you know you can rely on. The Grenadier is built from the ground up to meet the daily punishment you will put it through.

For off-road use, the latest generation diesel and petrol six-cylinder BMW TwinPower Turbo units will be mapped specifically to deliver power and torque in every situation.

  • I need a 4x4 that can stand up to the elements

    Matt Butler,
    Fly Fisherman, New Zealand
  • I need a 4x4 that doesn’t leave me stranded

    Tom Wallisch,
    Free Skier, USA
  • I need a 4x4 that’s reliable for when people need me most

    Andy Reid,
    Beach Lifeguard, Australia
  • I need a 4x4 that is dependable for day to day farming

    Richard Cornock,
    Dairy Farmer, UK

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Great to hear, there is a void to fill. Can’t wait to see the results.