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INEOS Automotive Reveals Interior Design of The Grenadier.

07 July 2021


The build-up has been quite something ��� with many waiting, eagerly anticipating the inside of the Grenadier since its exterior was revealed��to the world in July 2020. But the suspense is finally over. We can finally tell you about the Grenadier���s interior.����

With the same design ethos of the exterior, the focus is on practicality and utility. At the same time, you���ll also find all the comfort, refinement and technology you���d expect from a modern vehicle.��

And perhaps a few unique features you wouldn���t. These include a second horn specially designed to be quieter and more subtle for cyclists and pedestrians. There���s also a 12 o���clock marker on the steering wheel, so that you always know exactly which direction your wheels are turned ��� very useful when performing intricate off-road manoeuvres.����

Perhaps most importantly of all, the Grenadier offers a unique off-road navigation system. On normal roads, you���ll be able to rely on always-up-to-date smartphone navigation, thanks to Apple CarPlay and Android Auto integration with the Grenadier���s infotainment system and 12.3-inch touchscreen. But when you leave the road, the Grenadier���s Pathfinder navigation system will allow you to record, share or follow your route via waypoints.����

So, for example, you���ll be able to build an off-road route online, using GPS coordinates (as opposed to map data), save these to a USB stick, then plug it into your Grenadier, which will then guide you. Or you���ll be able to mark waypoints on your way ��� and the Grenadier will show you the way back.

How did we approach the overall design of the Grenadier���s interior?

Toby Ecuyer, our Head of Design, explains. ���When we started thinking about the Grenadier���s interior, we looked carefully at modern aircraft, boats and even tractors for inspiration, where switches are sited for optimal function, regular controls are close to hand, auxiliary ones are further away,��� said Toby Ecuyer, Head of Design. ���You can see the same approach in the Grenadier: the layout is functional and logical, designed with ease of use in mind. It has everything you need and nothing you don���t.�����

So don���t be surprised by the Grenadier���s cabin layout. The idea is that many of the dials and controls can be shared by you, the driver, and your front passenger, or co-driver.����
Not only that, the dials and switches are well-spaced and clearly labelled, to make them as easy to use as possible, even with wet or gloved hands.����

Auxiliary switches have been built into an overhead console, pre-wired so you can add ��� and control ��� winches, work lights and other off-road accessories.��

Hard-wearing materials and wipe-down upholstery mean that the Grenadier is designed to last. Removable rubber flooring and drain plugs beneath the footwells and cargo area can be hosed down. Water-resistant, anti-stain Recaro seats provide deliver practicality, ergonomic support and comfort, on or off the road. Carpets and leather upholstery will be available, if you���re aiming to leave the mud and sand outside.

We���ve maximised stowage space, too, with a dry storage box under the rear seat, lockable central console space and side-mounted storage in the cargo area. You���ll also find cup holders in the front and bottle holders in the back.

There���ll be a range of interior options and accessories to choose from, depending on your preferences. You���ll be able to have glass roof panels above the driver and front passenger seats, for example. Panels you���ll be able to remove and store, so you can be open to the sky, weather permitting.����