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INEOS Automotive launches 'Arcane Works' for custom-made 4X4s

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04 June 2024

INEOS Automotive has introduced a unique service called Arcane Works that creates limited editions of its award-winning Grenadier station wagon, and then allows customers to further personalise the small-batch, hand-finished 4X4s with customised detailing and bespoke materials.


Retaining the Grenadier’s best-in-class off-road capability with modern on-road driving refinement, each run of limited-edition vehicles will showcase a unique set of features, introduce new technologies and carry a specifically tailored name. Engineered in Germany, built in France at the manufacturing facility INEOS Automotive acquired from Mercedes-Benz in 2021 and then hand finished, Arcane Works allows customers to work with specially curated craftsmen to select from a vast array of finishings and colour match technologies to create a very personal 4X4.

“Arcane Works is intended to create a truly individual 4X4, hand finished with exclusive materials and personalised touches by specially curated craftsmen. We know this is something our customers have been looking for and working in small batches means we can give them a genuinely custom-made experience. That’s why we chose the name Arcane, as the vehicles will be so unique as to be rarely spotted in the wild.”

George Ratcliffe, Commercial Director, INEOS Automotive

The Arcane Works custom-made service will take advantage of the versatility that the robust body-on-frame INEOS Grenadier platform provides and will still offer a choice of two straight-six, 3.0-litre BMW engines. Both the BMW B57 diesel and B58 petrol powertrains have a proven track record in refined driving, regularly appearing on top ten world’s best engine lists since 2016. Arcane Works will also become a test bed for new technologies and systems for INEOS vehicles, such as uprated engine modifications, new chassis systems, and many new materials and features.


The first Arcane Works limited edition vehicle will be unveiled in July 2024 at the Goodwood Festival of Speed.


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