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Grenadier Detour

Grenadier Detour. Our first Arcane Works limited edition

Take it further

Detour takes ultimate Grenadier off-road capability, and enhances it with British design and craftsmanship. It’s the first of a new breed of Grenadier, produced by INEOS Automotive’s new Arcane Works division. Limited to just 200 vehicles. Hand-finished in the UK. And customisable, for you to take even further.  

Choose a different path

Detour’s carefully curated design is just the beginning. Choose from a range of non-cost and paid-for options. Then go further with bespoke items that make Detour completely individual and unique.

Take a Detour

Premium comes as standard with Grenadier Detour, both inside and out. Including: Arcane Works fine grain leather trim seats, in charcoal and flint. 18” Arcane Works alloys. Cashmere wool headliner. And our Smooth Pack, including rear view camera, park assist front, and heated mirrors. See brochure for the full list.

Leather Trim Seats

“Arcane Works is intended to create a truly individual 4X4, hand finished with exclusive materials and personalised touches by specially curated craftsmen. We know this is something our customers have been looking for and working in small batches means we can give them a genuinely custom-made experience.”

George Ratcliffe, Commercial Director, INEOS Automotive

Arcane Works Bespoke

For the first time, you can specify signature details completely unique to your Grenadier.


Pick a colour

Pick a colour. Any colour. And we’ll match it from a palette of 7,500 shades. Once your body is made at our Hambach factory, we’ll ship it to our specialist painting partner, ensuring the hiqhest possible quality, of the colour of your choice.

Seat embroidery

Our Goodwood launch vehicle features Goodwood’s coordinates stitched into the front seats’ Bridge of Weir leather. But you can specify whatever you want. Design or text. It’s up to you.


Scuff plates

Specify polished metal kick plates to add a stylish touch to your Grenadier Detour. Add your own text or signature to the area on the right hand side for that truly individual touch.

Ultimate capability.
Design without limits

Click the hotspots below to explore more of Detour’s unique features, inside and out.

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Built in Hambach.
Hand-finished in the UK


Just the beginning

Detour is the first Arcane Works Grenadier 4X4, available to order now, by contacting your local retailer. There’ll be many more. Each focusing on a different theme. Each pushing design and capability as far as possible. If you haven’t already done so, sign up to be the first to know about future Arcane Works limited editions.