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The Grenadier has partnered with Buller Ski Lifts. The Operations team keeping Victoria's iconic snow resort, Mount Buller, open.


Buller Ski Lifts. The mountain operations team behind Victoria’s most popular snow resort, Mount Buller. Tasked with essential duties, supporting the people who live, work and play in the resort. Wherever, and whenever, they’re needed. Snowmaking in winter. Ferrying mountain bikers in summer. Year-round maintenance and construction. Personnel transport. In all conditions. However extreme.

We’ve supplied this hard-working team with two Station Wagons that have been put to work across the resort, supporting all kinds of roles. Getting around the mountain in extreme Alpine conditions can be a challenge. One the Grenadier is perfectly suited to, thanks to its proven capabilities. Carrying passengers and payloads across snow and ice. Climbing and descending steep slopes safely. Operating in extreme temperatures. This is exactly what the Grenadier was engineered to do. Mount Buller is its natural habitat.

Photo credit: Colin Clarke

“The partnership with INEOS Automotive will truly establish the Grenadier as the High Country’s workhorse. From helping us transport the snowmaking team in winter, to maintaining lifts and equipment in hard-to-reach alpine settings over summer, not to mention taking mountain bike riders up to the Australian Alpine Epic Trail in green season – we love that this partnership is suited to supporting the community who live, work and play on the mountain.”

Noel Landry, General Manager of Buller Ski Lifts


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