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INEOS signs international initiative Operation Clean Sweep®

A voluntary initiative to help prevent tiny plastic pellets from being lost to the environment is working. INEOS says Operation Cleansweep has made a huge difference to the way it runs its sites in Antwerp, Rønningen Grangemouth and other sites around the world.

Our success is largely due to intensive training, the sharing of best practices, a change in attitude across the entire supply chain and significant investment, which involves the redesign of the polymer loading chutes. Today, even one pellet lost at any of INEOS' sites is considered unacceptable.

INEOS makes the tiny, translucent pellets before they enter a complex supply chain for other manufacturers to melt, mould and convert them into all kinds of plastic products. In the past, those pellets might have been lost anywhere within the complex supply chain. But times have changed.

We have a number of measures in place including rumble strips and air blowers to remove stray pellets from trucks and pellet water separators on the manufacturing plant.

Importantly we have also increased awareness of the principles of Zero pellet loss right across the supply chain. Whereas previously some of our hauliers may have taken a voluntary approach, we have now mandated that they incorporate the principles into their operations. Trucks are now monitored and drivers have become accountable for the cleanliness of their vehicles before leaving the site.

INEOS is a leader of change for Operation Cleansweep, to further enhance its operations and reduce significantly the risk of any pellets finding their way out of the supply chain.