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Our blueprint for a brand-new rugged 4X4

The INEOS Grenadier is in development, and we’re getting ready to take the covers off. But we can give you some pointers on what to expect in the meantime. A box-section ladder frame. Permanent four-wheel drive. Beam axles fitted front and rear. A stripped back, boxy body. Excellent towing and payload capacity, with power and torque to match.
The Grenadier; a resilient and robust 4x4


The Grenadier will be resilient and robust. Built by world-renowned engineers, using only the best components for the job.


A working tool. More angles than curves. Function dictates form, every time.


To take on all terrains. A vehicle that can withstand the daily punishment you put it through.

What makes an uncompromising 4x4?

We’re building the Grenadier from the ground up. That means carefully selecting each and every component with exceptional off-road performance in mind.

  • I need a 4x4 that can stand up to the elements

    Matt Butler,
    Fly Fisherman, New Zealand
  • I need a 4x4 that doesn’t leave me stranded

    Tom Wallisch,
    Free Skier, USA
  • I need a 4x4 that’s reliable for when people need me most

    Andy Reid,
    Beach Lifeguard, Australia
  • I need a 4x4 that is dependable for day to day farming

    Richard Cornock,
    Dairy Farmer, UK
  • I need a 4x4 that will take me to the road less travelled

    Lennart Pagel,
    Photographer, Germany
  • I need a 4x4 that gets me across the wildest parts of Africa

    James Suter,
    Photographic Guide & Filmmaker, South Africa







    Grenadier born and bred

    Over a friendly pint at the Grenadier pub in London, car enthusiast and experienced adventurer Jim Ratcliffe, INEOS Chairman, identified a gap in the market for a stripped back, no-nonsense, utilitarian 4x4.

    After a thorough assessment and feasibility study, INEOS turned its manufacturing and engineering expertise to building such a vehicle. INEOS Automotive Limited was established and a senior team of experienced automotive experts assembled to bring the vision to reality, with a fresh perspective on 4x4 development and manufacturing.

  • Engineering

    World-class 4x4 engineering

    February 2018

    Fusing British design and entrepreneurship with German engineering precision, since February 2018, our 200-strong team of expert engineers have been working full-time on the vehicle from our offices in Stuttgart. We’re well advanced and now moving into series development with early prototypes being tested.

  • The engine

    A no compromise engine line up

    March 2019

    An uncompromising 4X4 needs an engine to match. One that’s robust. Able to deliver low-end torque when you need it most. That’s why in March 2019 we chose BMW Group as our powertrain partner. BMW’s latest generation TwinPower turbocharged straight six petrol and diesel engines will deliver reliability, performance and durability, even in the harshest conditions.

  • Name

    A 4x4 that works for you. Named by you.

    September 2019

    We asked you to give us a name, with over 6,000 people responding to our online poll. You told us we already had one.

    ‘Projekt Grenadier’ was named after the London pub where the plan for our all-new, uncompromising 4x4 was first conceived. Turns out you liked it – and so do we. Grenadier it is.

  • Manufacturing

    Engineered for the world. Built in Britain.

    September 2019

    The Grenadier will be built in a new manufacturing facility in Bridgend, South Wales. This purpose-built facility will create 200 jobs initially, and up to 500 in the long term.


A working tool to get the job done. No frills. No fuss.


A word from our CEO.

More than just a manufacturing company.

INEOS is a global manufacturer, employing over 22,000 people across 183 sites in 26 countries. We’re successful because we make change happen. In manufacturing, in chemicals, in sport and now, with the launch of the Grenadier, in automotive.