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Progress so far

  • The Grenadier will be an uncompromising 4x4 that works for the world. It will be a no-frills utilitarian vehicle. A working tool for farmers, foresters, explorers and aid workers.
  • We plan to reveal the Grenadier next year.
  • We are well advanced in the development stage. Early prototypes are already being tested in the most demanding conditions.
  • The Grenadier will be built in the UK, at our new manufacturing facility in Bridgend, South Wales.


  • Prototype vehicles are already under test. We are working on an extensive programme to ensure the Grenadier will do the job you need it to do. We’re developing it for the world and expect significant interest across Europe, the Americas, Africa and Asia. We expect the first customer cars to be available in 2021.

Nuts and Bolts

  • We have partnered with BMW Group to deliver petrol and diesel powertrains for the Grenadier. We are also investigating alternative fuels for the future, but at this point we do not feel the technology is suitable for a vehicle like the Grenadier.
  • It’s too early to confirm pricing, but we know affordability is as important as durability, reliability and capability. The Grenadier will be priced competitively.

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