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The INEOS Grenadiers: Getting the Job done

With its steel wheels, beam axles and ladder-frame chassis, the INEOS Grenadier is built to be durable. To be dependable. To do the job without fail.

It is a trait shared with Sir Dave Brailsford���s INEOS Grenadiers. Just like the vehicle itself, they are a team built to overcome in all conditions. To withstand daily punishment, in cycling���s hardest races and on the world���s most demanding terrains. Durable in every sense of the word, they are driven by grit. Determination. Passion. All in the pursuit of getting the job done.

Behind the Gears – Truly a Team Sport

It���s not just the riders who make the INEOS Grenadiers successful,��it���s the��team behind them too. In�����Behind the��Gears���,��we��take a look at��how the team��prepare for the unexpected��and get race ready��for��one of��its��most challenging races����� the Tour of Flanders.��Speaking to��nutrition��experts,��performance��mechanics, riders��and Sport Directors,��we��lift the lid on��how the��entire team��comes together,��working��tirelessly��to be the best��in any terrain��or conditions��as they��compete��for the��win.

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