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We’re building a serious off-roader from the ground up. The rugged 4X4 that will get you there. And get the job done. 


Our 4X4 built for the world. In the hands of the world’s press. Tough crowd. Driving 20 series production Grenadiers. On a tough journey. From the Scottish Highlands to the Grenadier pub in London where it all began. We called it Expedition 1.0, and it had one mission. To deliver independent Grenadier reviews, written by professional motoring journalists.

Hard Way Home just got harder

Three new owners chosen by our Grenadier community headed to the wilds of Morocco to drive their three new Grenadiers home. Starting with an off-road route selected to test them and their vehicles to the limit. That was the plan for the Hard Way Home – a proper new vehicle handover like no other. What happened next turned out to be so much more than that.

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The Halo Trust

The HALO Trust is the world’s largest landmine clearance organisation, tackling some of the most inhospitable places on the planet. To do their work, they need a 4X4 fleet that is fit for purpose.


Image ©Emanuele Amighetti 

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View From The Driver's Seat

With orders open and production starting, it’s time to hear from the man behind the Grenadier, Jim Ratcliffe. In episode 12, the last in our ‘Building the Grenadier’ series, Jim looks back on the Grenadier’s journey so far. Where things are currently. And what the road ahead looks like.

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Grenadier Trails

With 1.8 million kilometres of testing in plain sight done, it was time for the next stage. Getting Grenadier 2B protypes into the hands of those who will use it out in the world. So, our teams took our rugged 4X4 to tackle some of the toughest jobs we could find. Gold mining in the Australian outback, and overlanding in Namibia, both pushing the Grenadier to the limit in the real world.


The latest videos, brought to you by Grenadier. From behind the scenes updates on the vehicle’s progress to a look at people with the Grenadier spirit.


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Start to make it your own

Use our configurator to start to explore what your vehicle will look like. We’ll continually be adding more options and accessories in the weeks and months to come, so keep checking back.